Obama’s War on Women

Unemployed office workers carrying their belongings in boxesThe press is reporting Mitt Romney’s latest ridiculous assertion about the Obama administration but I think its focused on the wrong thing.

Romney, sensitive to his 19 point gender gap that seems to grow with every crazy right-wing bill that gets introduced by fellow Republicans, responded with this statement.

“There’s been some talk about a war on women. The real war on women has been waged by the Obama administration’s failure on the economy. Do you know what percentage of job losses during the Obama years of have been casualties of women losing jobs as opposed to men? Do you know how many women, what percent of the job losses were women? 92.3 percent of the job losses during the Obama years have been women who’ve lost those jobs.”

You have to REALLY cherry pick data to make any sense from the claim. Remember in the beginning of the recession people were calling it a “he-cession” because it was falling much more heavily on men? That’s because it was. Male dominated sectors like construction were the first to crash.

However, President Obama came to office much later into the recession as it started to hit the rest of the market, and therefore jobs dominated by women. MSNBC explains in greater detail with a round-up of fact checking on Romney’s claim.

The part that has mostly gone unreported is that the job losses during the Obama administration have been almost entirely in the public sector. The private sector has actually recovered almost all of its losses. Seriously, take a look at these two graphs at the excellent economics blog Calculated Risk.

So what Romney is really criticizing Obama for is the rapid contraction of government, mostly at the state and local level, that has occurred since he took office. In fact, the one thing holding us back from rapid recovery has been this ridiculous obsession with government austerity.

Remember that the next time you hear someone ranting about “Big Government” Obama.

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