July 8th Update

We are now less than a month away from the August 7th primary election and the campaign is in full swing. People will be getting ballots in the mail 19th and 20th, so it's critical that we contact as many voters as possible between now and then.

Meet Kelly!

Working for you is more than a full-time job, so I needed some help to make sure the campaign was reaching its goals. I'm so excited to welcome Kelly McDonald aboard as our campaign manager.

Kelly McDonald is guided by a desire to leave things better than she found them, and has subsequently dedicated her professional life to mission-driven work in non profits. A skilled project manager and fundraiser, Kelly enjoys connecting people to causes they care about. 

In her free time, Kelly has organized sign waving campaigns for initiatives she supports, served on the Human Services Commission for four years, and spent time phone banking for candidates she endorses. It is not surprising to find her managing a campaign given her magnetic draw to engagement and activism.

Kelly loves nerdy pastimes like playing trivia, Scrabble and chess while enjoying the stellar craft beer our region has to offer.

You can reach her at kelly@derekmyoung or (253) 476-3832.

Adopt a Yard Sign

Did you know that hundreds of yardsigns don't have a yard to call home?

These lonely, neglected signs end up on roadsides.

Discarded. Abused.

You can help. Signup here to adopt a yardsign.

Contribute to Win!

Our canvassing efforts will reach a lot of people, but it won't be enough to get our message out to everyone. We have mail and digital ads planned, but haven't raised enough to make it all happen. It's critical that we finish strong ahead of the primary.

Can you help with a contribution today?

Why is There A Primary?

One question we get asked a lot is that if there's only two people running, why is there a primary? The truth is, I don't really know. It's a quirk in state law. Under our "top two" system non-partisan races go fewer than three candidates go directly to the primary. Partisan races are still on the August primary ballot.

More important though is that it makes the primary work like a big public poll so it's critical that we do well. 

Click here to pledge to vote in the August 7th Primary.


The offices are open, the literature is in hand, we need canvassers and drivers to get it to voters. Contact Campaign Manager Kelly  kelly@derekmyoung or (253) 476-3832 to help out or use this form.

Re-Elect Derek Young, Pierce County Council