Thank you

I started last night trying to prepare folks for a bad result in the Primary. Council District 7 is the quintessential swing district so it seemed likely the result would be tight or perhaps leaning the other direction. It turns out I'm pretty bad at reading these things. 

We're currently up 61.4% to Olson's 38.6%.



One thing is clear, this wouldn't have been possible without the support from more than 200 people like you who contributed their time and money to our campaign. 

Our job isn't over. In fact, our campaign will now heat up. I'm excited to debate the issues with our opponent. As I've said since the beginning, I believe that elections move policy. If we can show that voters agree with our positions, it will encourage the rest of the Council to move in the right direction.

That will mean contacting thousands of additional voters which means more canvassing and resources. Can we count on your help?

7 ways to help win District 7:

  1. Help your friends and neighbors register to vote. New registrations and address changes can file online.
  2. Endorse our campaign.
  3. Volunteer to help.
  4. Contribute to the campaign.
  5. Adopt a yard sign.
  6. Share posts with your friends on social media. Tell them why you support our campaign.
  7. Email our campaign manager to find out other ways you can help.


Re-Elect Derek Young, Pierce County Council